The operation of any enterprise requires maximum efficiency during processes such as: product engineering, production of individual parts, assembly, sales and support of the product.

We suggest that you focus on such important stages as product development, sales and support, and entrust us with such stages as the production of parts and their assembly into separate devices.

Our assembly department will assemble the devices, install the electronic components, carry out a technical test according to your requirements for the functioning of the device. During the assembly process, a list of components and instructions agreed with the customer are used.

If necessary, the specialists of our company will make test benches for testing the functioning of devices in various modes.

We do our best to complete all technical work with high quality and in a short time, and you can focus on developing, selling and supporting your product.

Device assembly area
Assembly of units is carried out on a modern assembly area, which is equipped with everything necessary for assembling and testing devices.
Device assembly area
Assembly parts

When assembling parts, components and assemblies, we use various components, namely:

  • screws, nuts, washers, balls, springs;
  • sealing rings, seals and pistons;
  • springs of various types;
  • special adhesives and lubricants for threaded connections and much more.
Assembly parts
Device assembly and testing

You trust us to produce the product, and we guarantee careful compliance with the entire technological cycle:

  • drawings version control of manufactured parts;
  • production of individual parts;
  • purchase of components and control of their availability in our warehouse;
  • use of appropriate lubricants, fixing and other materials;
  • development of assembly documentation for the manufactured product;
  • assembly of products according to documentation;
  • testing products on test benches;
  • product labeling and packaging.
Device assembly and testing

From the part to the device - we will walk this path together.