Production of aluminium enclosures for electronics

Production of aluminium enclosures for electronics

We often receive orders for the production of various housings for electronics. As a rule, electronics enclosures are made from aluminum alloys, but can also be made from various plastics by milling.

Custom made aluminum enclosures allow you to create your own unique product. The case can be both original in design and fully meet its functional tasks. 
So, when designing and manufacturing an aluminum case, you can immediately provide for all the necessary structural elements, namely:
The aesthetic properties of the produced enclosures can be improved by a special treatment with speckle sand, which will hide the traces of milling and give a pleasant matt texture to the surface of the aluminum case. In addition, anodizing can be done for aluminum cases. Anodizing is usually done either clear (grey) or black. 

Material: various aluminum alloys (Al 2020, 2024, 6082 and others)
Serialization: from 20 enclosures 
Documentation: customer drawings and models
Total lead time: 1-3 weeks for series production

Examples of production of aluminum enclosures for electronics

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