Other production services

Locksmith processing
The modern metalworking area is equipped with everything necessary for finishing the manufactured parts.
Locksmith processing
Washing parts in an ultrasonic bath
The use of ultrasonic cleaning of parts allows the removal of all contaminants formed during the production process.
Washing parts in an ultrasonic bath
Anodizing details

Application of protective and decorative coatings together with partners of our company:

  • colorless anodizing of aluminum parts;
  • hard anodizing of aluminum parts;
  • black anodized aluminum parts.
Anodizing details
Metal cutting
When ordering the production of parts, we can cut metal from a bar and a plate. Maximum diameter/thickness - 350 mm Materials - aluminum, steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass.
Metal cutting
Machining parts in a vibrofinishing machine

The use of a vibrofinishing unit allows you to quickly and efficiently finish the surfaces of parts, namely:

  • remove burrs
  • smooth out sharp edges
  • improve the aesthetic characteristics of the details.
Sandblasting Parts

Mechatronica also offers its customers sandblasting services for parts. Processing is carried out in modern and highly efficient German-made WIWOX sandblasting machines. Processing of this type significantly improves the consumer qualities of the manufactured parts.
Workpiece dimensions:

  • width (max): 1110 mm
  • length (max): 885 mm
  • height (max): 870 mm
If the manufacturing technology of your parts provides for the welding process, then this work will be performed by the specialists of our company. The welding department is equipped with modern Swedish Kemppi argon-arc welding machines, which allow welding all grades of ferrous metals, high-alloy steels, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and its alloys, copper, brass, etc.

In our company, we carry out grinding work. In the production park of the enterprise, there are cylindrical grinding machines that allow processing the outer surfaces of parts.
Workpiece dimensions:

  • length (max): 370 mm
  • diameter (max): 40 mm