Production of body parts

The manufacture of body parts is one of the most complex types of metal machining. Difficulty is often determined by three factors, namely:
  • complex part geometry formed by numerous planes.
  • the presence of a variety of technological operations (turning, milling, drilling, boring, etc.)
  • requirements for high quality of manufactured body parts.

High-quality and efficient production of body parts

High-quality manufacturing of body parts is possible subject to a number of conditions:
  • modeling of a detail and process of processing in CAD/CAM programs.
  • development of technologically efficient devices for the production of body parts.
  • writing effective control programs.
  • use of modern metalworking equipment.
  • use of modern metalworking tools.
  • quality control at different stages of production with modern measuring tools.

Experience in the production of body parts

The specialists of our company have significant experience in the manufacture of body parts. Experienced technologists and programmers in the process of work create three-dimensional models of the workpiece, compose a sequence of technological operations and write control programs. Experienced operators set up equipment, produce parts and, together with quality controllers, carry out comprehensive inspections of manufactured products.
Manufacture of body partsManufacture of body parts

Equipment for the production of body parts

The manufacture of body parts involves the use of a wide range of metalworking equipment: from universal metalworking machines to machine tools with numerical control (CNC), which the company has at its disposal. Also, in the process of manufacturing body parts, we use modern five-coordinate machining centers and turning centers with a milling function.
Setting up the machine when manufacturing a partDevices for the production of body parts
The manufacture of body parts is accompanied by continuous technical control of all necessary tolerances (parallelism, perpendicularity, straightness, angles of inclination, etc.).

Examples of the production of body parts

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